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The Outdoors are as Natural as it gets!

A weekend to remember...

This past weekend was planned about a month ago. My birthday and Mother's day always seem to fall on the same weekend. So I thought it would be fun to take our "new to us" camper somewhere. I googled family sites to stay within an hour of our home and landed upon Jellystone Park in Quarryville, PA. I figured it would be fun since I had heard these places were family friendly!

From the moment we got to the campround I knew something was different. It was clean. The grounds were well kept. And best of all, there were PLENTY of activities for all of my children (ages 11, 9, and 6). Complimentary Miniature Golfing and an incredible pool with waterslides!

Since it was my special weekend we kept the food simple so there wouldn't be much cooking and clean up. That was fine with me! We got carryout Friday evening and then did hot dogs over an open fire Saturday evening. Jonathan purchased a cake and I enjoyed my little celebration with my sweeties and God's lovely creation!

Here are some ways I used our Essential oils while camping!

- Not a lot of bugs, but I did have our Terrashield handy for if they had been bad!

- Diffuser blend was Peace because we had some storms at night and it helped keep the mood relaxed.

- Cheer touch because my 9 year old needed some citrus oils to improve her mood.

- Deep blue rub because I'm not use to biking that much. lol

- Lifelong Vitality is one of our favorite supplements that Jonathan and I use because we know it fills in the gaps where our diet is lacking.

We are so thankful to have natural options at our fingertips!!

The most natural of all being clean air, plenty of sunshine, and exercise!

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